The 2.0 litre versions are equipped with the KIT Mini Comfort Package, which includes a height-adjustable driver seat, armrests and an adjustable passenger seat.

The 2.8 litre versions are equipped with the KIT Comfort Package, which includes electric rear-view mirrors, centralised locks, electric windows, a height-adjustable driver seat and an adjustable passenger seat.


Joint vehicles are designed to offer the consumer the following characteristics:

• Aerodynamics: Superior to the average for these kinds of vehicles, with a better aerodynamic coefficient and therefore less air resistance. This all translates into better fuel consumption and more comfortable and safe driving.

• Quality materials: The components of our vehicles are selected from among the best that exist on the market today: Thedford, Truma, Smev, Polyplastic, Metalarte, M.L.B, Panels and an endless number of companies that are more than well-known in the industry for their quality and innovation.

• Technology. All manufactured materials have been designed by our R&D Department in order to achieve less weight with the least possible resistance, thereby making our vehicles lighter and giving them a greater load capacity.


• Safety. Our vehicles have been conceived to guarantee the safety of the users through safety belts and a high-strength chassis rail, an equal distribution of weight, ergonomic parts, etc.

• Quality guaranty. We guarantee our vehicles against water entry for three years, always in accordance with the rules and revisions set forth by Joint Camping Car S.A.