With a turnover of 300 million, over 1000 employees, SEA, or SocietÓ Europea Autocaravan, is the biggest italian manufacturer, the third largest in Europe in the itinerant tourism market.

   The SEA Group produces and markets some of the brands that have created the history of motorhomes in Italy and in Europe, such as elnagh, mobilvetta, mclouis, autosleepers and more recent brands such as miller, joint, dream, sharky and orian.

   Today the group is a solid italian structure that is triumphant throughout europe that, thanks to its motivated management organisation, has been able to combine the international experience, professional approach and skills that exist in its companies and plants in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.After developing autonomous and independent identities in the recreational vehicle market, the brands have undergone radical transformation, evolving to respond adequately to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated consumer.


   As part of an increasingly careful monitoring of the different sales strategies of the SEA brands, the gorup now monitors the market constantly, grasping the investment opportunities most likely to create value, as part of a balanced financial structure.

   SEA is a company controlled by the bridgepoint fund, a pan-european private equity fund that is specialised in medium-sized businesses working in expanding sectors with strong market leadership.